Everything A Data Protection Officer Needs

Our solution is built around running a privacy program effectively with a life cycle approach across the organization.



Governing privacy activities across your organization can be overwhelming. Stay in control with intelligent privacy operation tools.

Intelligent Alerts
  • Get notified on personal data activities happening across your organization without you leaving your seat.
Automated Tasks
  • Know what to do and when to do it as our system intelligently analyses all personal data processes and activities to provide useful operational guidance.

Identify The Risks

Data protection breaches can happen anywhere across the organization. Our platform delivers the capability of identifying various sources of risks as the first step towards compliance of data protection and privacy laws

Assess Compliance Risks
  • Compliance Assessment - Determine how far away your organisation is from fulfilling local regulations and best practices, including GRPR requirements.
  • Compliance Dashboard - A highly visual dashboard with coloured indicators shows you where to focus.
  • Recommended Action - Let DPOinBOX analyse your entries and make recommendations on how you can address specific compliance gaps.
Assess INVENTORY Risks
  • Inventory Update - Facilitate and view collaborative input of personal data collected, used, stored and disposed by each department.
  • Inventory Analysis - Analyze your organization’s Personal Data Inventory and highlights areas that are relevant to the regulations.
  • Recommended Actions - Let DPOinBOX analyse your entries in the context of local data protection laws and make recommendations on how you can specifically comply with the requirements.
Assess PROCESS Risks
  • Data Mapping Update - Map all processes and resources to determine how personal data flows across the organization with the aid of a visual map.
  • Data Mapping Analysis - Analyze your Data Mapping repositories and highlights any issues in the processes and entities/departments that collect, use, disclose or store personal data in the organisation.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments - Conduct prescreening for all projects and initiatives to determine whether a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) / Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is needed.


DPOinBOX helps you to manage your entire data protection and privacy program throughout the year. Our system continually monitors the risks identified and helps your organization to put together action plans to treat those with major business impact. It guides the effort and demonstrates high level of accountability by your staff towards privacy protection.

Action Plans

Address any gaps found in your Compliance Assessment. Assign responsibility and end dates. Setup useful reminders.


Identify, document and treat risks in respect to potential data breaches and non-compliance to Data Privacy laws and internal data protection policies.

policies, guidelines and measures

Implement policies and measures recommended by the system to promote compliance across the organization.

sustain privacy operations

With a data protection programme in place, it is important that initiatives are sustained on a continuous basis. Using built-in tools, you can train staff, perform on-site audit and more.


View the compliance status against regulations of entities/departments side-by-side. Collect-Use-Disclose-Store (CUDS).


Look at the Action Plans and statuses across the organisation through the lenses of various frameworks such as Collect-Use-Disclose-Store (CUDS).

inventory report

View the Data Inventory information for all entities/departments side-by-side.


Distribute policies such as your Data Privacy Policy and Information Security policy to relevant individuals by email/mobile device, and record their acceptance and date/time of acceptance of the policies.

Training and Communications Monitoring

Keep track of all communication and training related to Data Privacy.


Administer an e-learning module to help selected employees understand key Data Privacy principles and practices.

Competency Test

Create, publish, assign and track tests to gauge the competency of staff in Data Privacy principles and practices.


Conduct a baseline audit to ensure that lapses and potential lapses are identified, documented, and addressed both one-time and on a regular basis, with 'before' and 'after' image / document capture.


Privacy incidents may arise from serious breaches or when customers request for access to their information during normal operations. It's easy to respond to these incidents with DPOinBOX.

Breach/Incident Management
  • Manage incidents, document relevant breach/incident details and set breach notification tasks and set breach notification tasks that are required under jurisdictions like EU.
Data Subject requests:
  • Data subjects have the right to request for access, correct and change their consent. This can be easily tracked through the built-in tool.