Watch how DPOinBOX makes personal data protection easy


Getting Started

Find out how DPOinBox delivers data protection as a service (DPaaS) and help organisations build trust with their customers and stakeholders.


Identify Risks

Start by identifying the various kinds of risks that might lead to a personal data or privacy breach. Comply with the requirements of the relevant data protection or privacy laws.


Manage Programme

Take steps to address the identified gaps and risks. Manage and Implement your personal data protection or privacy management programme.


Sustain Initiatives

Sustain your compliance efforts across the organisation on an on-going activities via e-learning, competency tests, training and even audits.


Incident & Breaches

Document and manage Incidents (breaches, complaints, etc.) as well as data subject requests (e.g. access and correction).


Creating A Committee


Assigning Departments To Tasks

DPOinBOX enables collaboration between the DPO and other supporting members of your organisation's data protection or privacy team..

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